5 Common Swimming Pool Mistakes

5 Common Swimming Pool Mistakes
October 14/2015

1. Allowing their Salt Water System to overproduce Chlorine

That’s right … I said CHLORINE ! A Salt Water CHLORINATOR, as they are now called, automates the production of chlorine in order to sanitize your swimming pool water through the use of salt. Allowing your machine to “overproduce” is probably the number one mistake being made by todays’ Salt Water pool owners.

If production levels are not monitored and adjusted to your climate, the amount of use, the size of the pool, the weather, etc., then the over production of chlorine can cause SIGNIFICANT damage in both the short and long term.

2. Not reducing pH and Balancing Alkalinity on a weekly basis

Through the NORMAL operation of a Salt Water System, you are naturally increasing the pH of the water in your swimming pool. That means that you must put in a product on a weekly basis to compensate for this natural increase in pH. This is EXTREMELY important in order to prevent SIGNIFICANT potential damage to your swimming pool and equipment.

Unfortunately a bi-product of this regular addition of product to reduce the pH, is the reduction in alkalinity of the water. This means that another product must then be added to increase the alkalinity that was unfortunately just reduced by the very important pH reducer.

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3. Allowing pH to rise or fall out of “Recommended Range”

Although a pH reading of 7.0 is “Neutral” in the world of chemistry, the Recommended Range of pH in a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub is actually between 7.2 & 7.6. The reason for this is simply because that is the level at which the most widely used sanitizer (Chlorine) is most effective AND because it is where your skin and eyes feel most comfortable.

By allowing your pH to climb, you are effectively wasting money on Chlorine and making the water uncomfortable to swimmers. At a pH level of 8.5, your chlorine is only about 10% active.

By keeping your pH in check, you will allow the Chlorine to be effective so you need less product, thus making your water more comfortable.

4. Not Verifying the Swimming Pool Water Chemistry Often Enough

Swimming Pool Water needs to be checked at least once a week, and after any major rain storm in order to use the right amount of products and to keep the water feeling good for the swimmers.

Many Swimming Pool or Hot Tub owners do not realize that if they can already “SEE” a problem with their water, then it is already in a crisis situation. Testing water on a regular basis allows you to maintain the pool with a reasonable amount of products so as to ensure that swimmers are swimming in water and not chemicals !

Playing “catch-up” with problem water uses more chemicals, makes the water feel worse, and can run the risk of losing precious time enjoying the warm months.

5. Not maintaining alkalinity level

Alkalinity in swimming pool water must be kept between 80 – 140 PPM in order to allow your pH to remain more stable, to allow your chemicals to function properly, and for your water to be comfortable for the swimmers.

By testing alkalinity on a monthly basis, you will be protecting your swimming pool, spending less on chemicals, and enjoying more comfortable water.

What are the common elements of the 5 Mistakes ? They are all water chemistry related ! By learning more about your water chemistry, you can avoid these mistakes that can lead to green water and costly repairs of equipment.

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