Hot Tub Benefits

Hot Tub Benefits
December 08/2015

Hot water therapy is the ideal way to alleviate pain and stress 
Tired of booking a flight out of Canada, packing your bags, driving to the airport and sitting on a cramped airplane just to get away from stress and headaches of modern life? With a hot tub or spa in the backyard, you can eliminate the stress of holiday travel by simply walking out the backdoor to a sanctuary where you can soak your cares away all year long, even in the Canadian winter.Read more to learn about hot tub benefits and what they can do for you
During the spring and summer months, a hot tub or spa is a great way to relax after work, relieve arthritis pain, soothe sore muscles and joints, and recover from an intense physical workout, but many homeowners say that fall and winter are the best times to enjoy outdoor soaking. They love the exhilaration of slipping outside in the frigid night air and then stepping into the comfortably warm water of a hot tub or spa, watching the hydrotherapy jets send water surging toward the surface where they release clouds of steam into the air.
Sit back & gaze at the stars 
Wintertime soaking allows you to sit back in your hot tub or spa and gaze at the stars on a clear night, or watch the snow swirl around your deck while snowflakes drift down toward the ground as you bask in warmth of your hot tub or spa.
The hot tub or spa soaking experience is not just about warm water either. Jets are designed to massage away a variety of aches and pains just like a professional massage therapist, this is called hydrotherapy. Depending on what type they are and where they are located in the hot tub – in the footwell, in the back of a lounger or a bucket seat – these pulsating streams of swirling water and air target specific areas of your body such as the feet, lower back, shoulders and neck area.
An ideal way to relax & relieve pain - Hydrotherapy 
For those who suffer from morning aches and pains, spending 10-15 minutes in a hot tub before heading out the door to work is an ideal way to relax and relieve pain, while soaking just before bedtime allows you to sleep all night long without the need for medication.
Enhancing the hot tub or spa bathing experience is easy by adding specially formulated fragrances to the water. Adding special crystals or liquids to the water (called ‘aromatherapy’) releases a mood altering scent into the surrounding air.
Just choose the mood you want and then add the appropriate fragrance. Scents such as eucalyptus, for example, help you breathe better, while fruit or flower scents produce an energizing feeling and arouse the senses.

SPA lighting helps to make your daily soak an enjoyable experience 
A hot tub is also a great way to add attractive lighting affects to the backyard. Colourful fiber-optic and LED lights around the inside perimeter of the shell, as well as underwater lights and lights installed on the hot tub cabinet, all help make your daily soak an enjoyable experience. These lighting systems can produce a single colour that suits your mood or a selection of colours that gradually merge with the next one for an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour.
Home entertainment systems are also a big feature on hot tubs these days. Waterproof, flat screen TVs, retractable hi fi speakers, ‘iPod’ holders that send your downloaded music through hot tub speakers, as well as CD and DVD players allow you to unwind while you listen to music or watch your favourite movie or TV show.
If entertaining is foremost on your mind, some hot tubs offer a countertop and stools for in-spa or spa-side dining when you have friends and family over for a soak. You can also enclose the hot tub with a gazebo to create an outdoor entertainment room.
If you want the hot tub to be an architectural feature in the yard, you can lower it into the ground and finish it in stone or install it above-ground on a multi-level deck for a spectacular vantage point of the surrounding landscape.

Special hot tub design features available to complement any home exterior or landscaping theme 
There are also spas with special design features such as integral waterfalls and fountains, cabinets finished in real cedar, faux rock or stucco, and shells with a textured granite, pearlescent, marble or a solid, glossy appearance that will complement any home exterior or landscaping theme.
So go ahead and indulge yourself – buy a hot tub and experience the ultimate way to enhance your backyard lifestyle.

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