Pool Safety Accessories – safety covers, fencing, safety turtle…

Pool Safety Accessories – safety covers, fencing, safety turtle…
December 08/2015

The cool, clear blue water of a swimming pool can look quite enticing to a child or pet – so it’s strongly advised that all pool owners hazard-proof their swimming pools when not in use. That said, here are a few options to consider, in order to protect your loved ones (person and pet alike) from falling into the water and hurting themselves:

Safety Covers:
For any parent with a swimming pool, a safety cover is worth its weight in gold!?A safety cover is a pool cover that is installed when the pool is not in use and is designed to hold a large amount of weight such that even if a child or animal steps onto it, they will not fall into the water. Made with reinforced material and using special high-tension stainless steel springs and recessed brass anchors eliminates any gaps where children or pets can gain entry into the pool. For more information, click here or contact an IPG member today.

Safety Turtle® – for Children and Pet Protection:

“Safety Turtle is an effective ‘last line of defence’ to protect your children and pets from accidents around water hazards; including swimming pools, spas, ponds, boats and shorelines.

Simply lock a Turtle wristband around your child’s wrist or secure a Turtle sensor to your pet’s collar. A fall into water causes an immediate alarm at the Base Station. Unlike other pool alarms, Safety Turtle is not disabled by pool users.” (excerp from Safety Turtle brochure, by Terrapin Communications).
For more information visit www.safetyturtle.com.

Other safety products to keep in mind are things like secured safety fences around the swimming pool and/or hot tub, gate alarms, floatation devices i.e.) water wings for little ones, life preserver, etc. Also, having proper CPR training and knowing CPR techniques would also be of benefit.

Talking about safety isn’t meant to cause fear. The fact is, it’s reality – things can happen in the blink of an eye. It’s important to be proactive to help keep your family, friends and pets safe in and around swimming pools and hot tubs, and all bodies of water.
Remember to also consider the risks of sun damage.
Take the time to educate yourself and understand what options are available for a safer backyard. Contact us or speak with an IPG member for more options/information.

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