UV sanitization

UV sanitization
December 08/2015

UV sanitization is a highly effective system that supplements your existing chlorine, bromine or salt systems. Because it aids in the destruction of bacteria and algae, it reduces the amount of chemicals required to make your pool water safe and crystal clear.

Ultraviolet light (UV) reacts with the DNA and RNA of living things to destroy the activity of these important molecules. In particular, the UV Sanitization produces ultraviolet radiation at a particular wavelength which is a good match for inactivating the DNA or RNA of pathogens – the various kinds of micro-organisms that do us harm.

Living things are made up of complex molecules. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) are two of these. They are involved in providing the genetic code and important cell protein manufacture essential to living things – in relation to a swimming pool, think of bacteria or algae that form in the pool water. A molecule, including DNA and RNA, is a string of atoms held together by what scientists call chemical bonds. Each chemical bond is associated with a particular energy. It is an accident of evolution or just bad luck but the energy of some chemical bonds in DNA and RNA matches that of the UVC radiation. The energy from the radiation is just right to break some of the chemical bonds. It’s like breaking a twig – we put our energy into bending the twig until it breaks. The result is that the micro-organisms cannot reproduce and may be killed. In a nutshell, the mid-point of the UVC portion of the spectrum is very effective in de-activating the wide variety of pathogens that are important to pool owners i.e. bacteria and algae in swimming pool water.

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