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Top 5 Swimming Pool Games
August 05/2016

Your backyard swimming pool doesn’t just provide a place to cool down, but a place to come together with friends and family. Some of the best memories come from the silliest games shared in your pool. Here are our top 5 favourite swimming pool games. 
 The ideal snack at the swimming pool is light and refreshing, easily digestible and tasty too! Here are a few ideal choices for those hot hazy days of August, to stay refreshed and safe. Remember, don’t use glass in you pool area, and always wait a few minutes after e
The kids are going back to school, summer holidays are ending, but summer isn’t finished! Celebrate the fact that summer is STILL HERE for another month and throw a blazing bash this long Labour Day Weekend! Here are a few tips to get the party started.
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Battle of the hues
June 14/2016
Your pool design should directly reflect your personal style and home architecture. This can be achieved through shape, size, features, and color of the pool. Selecting the perfect hue may be difficult when you have endless options, so let us help you narrow it down!
Warm tones create an inviting

Dirty, clogged hot tub filter cartridges make spa water difficult to maintain and can put strain on your spa pump.
Even when hot tub filters look clean, they can often be coated in oils, soaps and lotions that clog and reduce water flow in your spa.

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